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Where to meet Latin Women

Where should you go to meet Latin Women?  Well, I am in Cali, Colombia, and I can tell you, it is not hard to meet beautiful Latin Women.  Here is what you do:


First off, learn some spanish.

Check out my dirty Spanish Guide with tips on picking up the hot Latinas with the correct phrases.  You wouldn’t want to say that you are as good in bed as a Donkey, would you? Have some class, that can come later.

2. Look like a gringo, but dress decently. You can’t hide the fact that you are a gringo, but wear decent jeans and a casual or dress shirt.
3. Carry Change and mixed bills.  Its easier and safer to carry a mix of cash versus plastic.
4. Get a local phone with a alpha keypad so you can type messages. You need your Passport to get the Sim Card. Buy enough credit. Learn how to use it.  You can pick up a excellent Nokia on Amazon.com
5. Good Cologne – buy BEFORE your trip.  Prices can be high, and you need the portable, small 2.5 oz size.

Where: Malls – Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday in the upper end malls, starting at 8pm, ending 2 am.  The resteraunts in the upper scale malls are great places to meet, and dine with fabulous Latin Women.
Where: Language Schools – Thurs, Friday lunchtime, and 5-7pm when they let out.  Normally there is a food stand within a block that is popular.  Become a regular there, Tip the staff 15%, and let them come to you.

Want More?  Check back.  More tips on how to meet Latin Women will be coming.


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