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Top 25 Latin Dating Tips

1. Dont talk about Money, or flash it.

2. Buy her family or child a small present (50 to $75 is huge).

3. Buy her flowers.

4. Take her on a horseback ride, or a day trip

5. Do not take her clothes shopping.

6. Take her Salsa Dancing (Yes, learn it!)

7. Take her to a Art Museum (there are a lot of these) / Theatre performance.

8. Tell her she is important to you.

9. Spend time with her family.

10. Do not be impatient if she is late or comes with girlfriends.

11. Learn Colombian Money (Change your dollars days prior)

12. Don’t expect sex on the first date.

13.  Drink like a local, but not as much (Club Colombia, Aguardiente (Sin Azucar / Without Sugar)

14. Get her English Lessons.  The Latin Women are dying to learn English.

15. Do not play around.  The Latin American Men do it, so you need to be NOT a dog. (perro)

16. If she wants you to buy her a Breast job, Dental Work, or Lipo, before you are living together, RUN!!

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