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Dating Women in Latin America

This is all about dating Latin American Women living in Latin America. Not about Miami or South Beach Latinas and Chicas. No, these dating tips are about dating women in Colombia, Brazil, etc.  I spent over a year dating women in Cali, Colombia, so have experience with these girls.  If you want to meet some of the most beautiful women in the world, listen closely to my Latin dating tips.  Prior to that I dated Latin Women while I lived in Curacao and Aruba.

So you are in love with your hot Latin Woman, and decide to date her seriously.  What is in store for you and your curvy Latina? Well, you get to meet her parents, and family.  If she is serious about you, she will want you to visit the family after the fourth or fifth time you are out on a date with your woman .  Actually, she will want you to stay at the family house for several weeks, if not a month.    Latin American Women are serious about family, and serious about seeing how you fit in.  Honestly, these are some of the nicest people in the world.  True, you will be making love to your girl just feet away from her parents, and likely in the morning, the whole family will be sitting on your bed talking.  Go with the flow.  Accept the slight intrusion on personal space. They all live together and have developed a more relaxed and easy going standard of personal space (as there isn’t much) , time, etc. Likely 5 to 7 of them live, under one roof, with one bathroom, and no hot water, likely in two rooms and a converted garage or front room.    Expect to be fed with excellent heart food, almost to death.  My girlfriend’s Mother stood over me and fed me with plate after plate until I could barely move.  She seemed quite happy that I was dating her girl. Fresh juice every day from berries I never ever heard from. Chicken killed, well, killed for you, as it was running around, proud, brave, and free just days ago.  Be thankful, Humble, Funny, and hungry, and the women in Latin America that you are dating will love you.

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